My Garden in the Aral Sea

The main objective of this project agro and ecotourism “My garden in the Aral Sea” implemented by the International Innovation Center for Aral Sea Basin under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the awakening of a sense of direct participation of representatives of all countries of the world and the local population to overcome consequences of the Aral sea, thus contributing to further enhance the quality of life of the population of Aral Sea region.

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International innovation Center for Aral Sea basin under the Ministry of ecology, environmental protection and climate change of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Адрес: ССГ Саманбай, Нукус 230100, Республика Каракалпакстан, Узбекистан

Телефон: +998 (61) 225-74-56

Эл. почта:,

Режим работы: Понедельник-Пятница, с 09:00 до 18:00

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